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Our 1st Thank You!

July 1st, 2018

Thanks for all your support as we close out our first month! So much fun and feels great knowing we have a chance to be very successful moving forward.
As we grow, we will be donating more and that is the cornerstone principle we will never abandon, if anything we will increase it.
What will also happen as we expand is our Vendor pool that helps us print, stitch and create. That will help lower some prices. Eventually we hope to be doing all that on our own and really control pricing.
Kallystah's dream is for it all to be done in house and have small shops in the Caribbean beginning in Key West.
We can also do special requests/makeups so keep that in mind. In addition volume discounts and competitive discounts we will entertain. Please email chadberg@flukelife.com for those requests.
Thanks for helping us HAVE PUN & GIVE BACK.
Kallystah, Chad & Angela - Founders